Colléter Chaudet office

The Colléter Chaudet Team

We have added 2 secretaries to our time, in order to improve the quality of our services.

When you come for a consultation, Sandrine or Vanessa will take care of you, and establish all the administrative details of your patient file. They will also be your main contact in the office.

High quality soles

The manufacture of soles requires organized, delicate and careful work. Hannah and Patricia are there to check the quality and packaging of your soles with their nimble fingers.

Little story

Julie Colléter Chaudet showed an interest in research and innovation from an early age, joining her father in 2000, after a long time working for podiatry equipment manufacturing laboratories.

Together, they continued to progress in analysis tools for dynamic assessment.

In 2013, Julie Colléter Chaudet developed a computer-assisted dynamic analysis platform, with the help of a mecatronics company, to perfect assessment quality. This patented platform catered for any type of patient in the desired configuration:

  • Slow walk for patient in difficulties (post-traumatic/children/elderly)
  • Regular walk for patient with posture disorder in everyday life
  • Run for sportsperson (running/trail/sprint)

Offices’ values

  • Innovation
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Respect
  • Quality

Offices’ view

Considered out of date, inadequate, painful and of no use for too long, orthopedics has suffered from a bad image which led people to think “Whew! I don’t need it“. Our priority is to explain it and make our work mean more.

There are two important stages in our profession :

  1. Assessment
  2. Soles manufacturing

The first step requires the same quality as the second. This is why technical and manufacturing quality in these stages are central to our concerns.

Practical informations

For your appointment, please bring:

  • Your French national health benefit card (green)
  • A prescription (valid for 1 year)
  • Town, sport or safety shoes

Shoes must be clean, so that you can run on the treadmill if needed.

Payment methods

Credit card