The consultation process

It is important for patients to understand all the steps that allow us to comprehend and treat the problems you are likely to encounter.
In most cases, Colléter Chaudet implements the consultation process detailed below.

First meeting and postural assessment

When you first meet the practitioner, you will begin by answering a series of questions about the reasons for your consultation. After this interview, you will spend some time on the dynamic analysis platform, which assesses your posture, either by walking or running on the treadmill. The data saved will then be shown to you and explained, step by step.

Manufacture of orthopedic soles

Following the consultation, if we decide you should have orthopedic soles, they will be manufactured in compliance with the assessment. Dynamic thermoforming is used to manufacture your soles. Materials are chosen according to soles use, shoe type, and so on.

Postural assessment

When your consultation is over, we will send you your postural assessment by email as well as a printed copy to your prescribing doctor.

Soles delivery

Soles can be collected about 8 days after consultation. We can also ship them to your address.

Monitoring progression and orthopedic treatment

Once your orthopedic treatment has been implemented, it is interesting to monitor changes in your posture regularly (about once a year).

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